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Silver items weighing in excess of 7.78 grams require compulsory hallmarking. This will be carried out by the Assay Office in Birmingham and marked as .999 Fine Silver or .925 Sterling silver as appropriate. It will carry both the Assay Office Mark and my Sponsor mark. Typically, these will be quite large of complex pieces and the cost of hallmarking will be included in the quoted price. If I am making a commissioned piece please allow a further 5 days to the making time to allow for processing at the Assay Office.

Items less than 7.78 grams will not be routinely hallmarked but can be done on request. The additonal cost will be discussed with you prior to confirmation of purchase.

Most pendants and ear rings are made with fine silver and rings are made with sterling silver. The material used will always be made clear in the sales description and if hallmarking is required will be stamped by the Assay Office appropriately.

I also make designs in copper and bronze. These do not require assaying. I do not use any products containing nickel.