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Care For Your Jewellery

When not in use, keep your jewellery in its box or in a plastic or cloth bag. This reduces the potential for scratching from contact with other items and excluding air reduces tarnishing.

Fine .999 Silver is a pure form of the metal and has a lovely lustre like moonlight but it is softer and may scratch more easily. Because it is pure metal, it tarnishes very little. If the surface dulls a little, polish it with a soft, impregnated jewellery cloth or a tiny amount of silver polish on a very soft cloth.

It is safe to place in a sonic jewellery cleaner provided it isn’t decorated with stones, glass or colour.

Sterling .925 Silver is harder and stronger as it is an alloy. It is a harder, shinier metal.

All chains and ear wires will be sterling silver supplied from a reputable source. Due to the copper content, sterling silver is prone to tarnishing and should be stored carefully and polished with silver polish occasionally.

Special care must be taken with items containing glass, stones or enamel as these are not suited to heavy daily wear or activities such as gardening, washing up, swimming, energetic sporting activities etc.