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Glass and Stone

The Glass and Stone Collection includes natural semi precious cabochons or dichroic glass.

A range of stones and colours are available. In order to set the stone or glass, a larger amount of silver is needed to hold it, for that reason all of these pieces will be Hallmarked.

Examples of natural stones that I use are aventurine (pale green); sodalite (blue with specks); lapis lazuli (strong blue); blue lace agate (pale blue with stripes); rose quartz (delicate pale pink); malachite (dark and light green stripes); black agate; hematite (black and very shiny);mother of pearl (delicate pearly white); brecciated jasper (brownish/orange mottled); fluorite (purple and green); turquoise ; goldstone (coppery colour with sparkle); blue goldstone (dark blue/sparkly); carnelian (burnt orange); garnet (dark red); light and dark amethyst.

Dichroic glass comes in a variety of shapes and bright, contemporary colours.